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Abroad Education Consultants

My Global Studies has active International Students Enrollment representation with over 1500 Colleges and Universities across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Given this wide range of network, we liaise and represent students aspiring to study abroad from the point of first contact. We represent the best interests of our students by giving them the most relevant study options available, based on their goals and aspirations.

From discussing and shortlisting their degree study and counselling on course work, to deciding on the degree, to finalizing fee structure, to collating their documents, submitting college/university enrollment applications, to receiving their study offer letter, to International Student Visa application submission, to flights and accommodation arrangements, My Global Studies travels along with each student step by step, all the way to the extent of them starting their first day on campus!

During this exciting journey of the student, we provide them with ongoing help, support and counselling which is tailored to their specific circumstances and needs. This dedicated level of service is what makes My Global Studies stand out in excellence.