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My Global Studies

Global Institute for Tertiary Studies (GIFTS), Trading as My Global Studies is a licensed entity and a Government Registered Pvt Ltd Company that provides end-to-end overseas education recruitment and placement solutions for candidates who intend to undertake Undergraduate and Postgraduate studies abroad.
Our primary aim is to help students select the right degree studies and create a well-planned education map for themselves by identifying the right course, destination, and university and by providing the required ongoing guidance and support according to their aspirations during their studies.
With our range of multiple services, we strive to provide international students with one-stop solutions throughout the journey of their studies. We strongly believe in providing ongoing support to our students studying abroad by delivering best outcomes.

What We Do?

We provide personalised mentoring, guidance & counselling with our experienced international education counsellors for students to aim for their best outcomes.
We discuss with students their aspirations and provide them best options available from over 1500 colleges and universities across 6 global locations to pursue their education.
We consider various aspects pertaining to a student’s requirements and offer them a shortlist of relevant courses at the best universities to meet their expectations.
We consistently deliver a high-quality of excellent personalised placement service from start to end of the steps involved for students aspiring to study abroad at all levels.
  • At our education abroad organisation, we pride ourselves on providing structured, seamless services to students who are seeking to study abroad. We understand the process of applying to universities in foreign countries can be overwhelming, and one of our goals is to make the experience as stress-free and straight forward as possible.

  • Our team of experienced education counsellors work closely with students to understand their needs, preferences, and academic backgrounds. We offer personalised guidance throughout the application process, from choosing the right program and University to preparing Visa documents and arranging accommodation.

  • We have established partnerships with over 1500 established universities, and colleges in 6 MAJOR LOCATIONS ACROSS THE GLOBE, which means we provide our clients with access to a wide range of study options in proven and reputed educational institutions.

  • We also offer support services to our clients including arranging flights to their destination, airport pick-up, orientation sessions, and ongoing assistance throughout their stay. Our goal is to help students achieve their academic goals and to make the transition to studying abroad as smooth as possible.

  • Studying abroad can be a life-altering positive experience, but it can also at times be challenging, especially for international students in their initial term. To further help them navigate the complex and often unfamiliar world of studying abroad, we provide international students with comprehensive overseas education counselling services.

  • Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges that some international students face, from cultural differences to language barriers and more. We are committed to providing personalised support and guidance including spoken english coaching sessions for them to make the most of their study abroad experience.

  • We take a holistic approach to counselling, recognizing that students have unique needs and goals. No matter what challenges there may be, from homesickness to academic stress., we are here to listen, understand, support, and offer our assistance to them.

  • A successful foreign education experience requires the support of a well experienced and well-informed consultancy. We believe that international student counselling is a vitally important component of this process. We are dedicated to providing a caring and welcoming environment that supports students to thrive and achieve their goals.

  • Selecting the right destination, university, or college is a crucially important decision that can impact your entire study abroad experience. That's why we are committed to providing personalised guidance and support to help you make the best choices.

  • Our team of experienced professionals have in-depth knowledge of universities and colleges across the world, and we can help you identify the ones that best match your profile, current education background, academic interests, career goals, and budget.

  • We understand that every student has unique needs and preferences, and we work closely with you to understand your priorities and guide you towards the best options.

  • Our destination/university/college selection services include comprehensive research, individual evaluation, and comparison of institutions based on a range of factors, such as academic and research programs, location, reputation, accreditation, and more.

  • We also provide support and advice on other important and practical everyday factors, such as cost of living, transport facilities, climate, social and cultural considerations. At My Global Studies, we believe that the right destination and college/university can make all the difference in your study abroad experience and lead to your best career pathway.

  • Choosing the right degree or study course is a crucial step in planning your study abroad journey. We understand that every student has unique needs and aspirations, and we work closely with you to understand your priorities and guide you towards the best suited to your academic interests, career goals, and personal preferences.

  • Our degree/study course shortlisting services include comprehensive course research, course evaluation, and comparison of various programs based on a range of factors, such as course content, term of study, academic rigour, career prospects, and more.

  • We also provide support and advice on other equally important factors, such as program duration, cost, and admission requirements.